Zhongshan Kaisida Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading electronic component hybrid distributor and professional Internet of Things solution provider, committed to becoming the preferred partner of EMS, OEM, ODM and IDH manufacturers, to provide customers with comprehensive electronic components and Internet of Things solutions. Our customers cover: new energy, automotive, industrial control, communications, medical, consumer electronics, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other industries

Adhere to the “professional, efficient, win-win” concept of customer service, to ensure quality, ensure delivery. Technical support is our strength, especially in the area of overvoltage protection, and our staff have a wealth of experience to share with our customers. At the beginning of product development and design, analyze and recommend components with stable supply and excellent cost performance for customers. And set up an overvoltage laboratory to provide customers with electrostatic and surge testing free of charge.
With the continuous improvement of the company’s technical strength and the continuous growth of the sales team, we will continue to steadily expand the product series in the future, and strive to provide customers with a full range of technology-oriented overall supporting services. With our sincere service to win your trust, hope Fuyuan to become your stable and win-win ideal partner!